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Monday, October 08, 2007


Hey got a new blog

check it out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Been forever

I cant believe how long it has been since i last blogged. it was funny when i couldn't log in lol.

Well news with me...

1) I finished my Diploma in Beauty Therapy which feels good knowing that its all paid off lol

2) Bout to start a course in Community Services which I'm getting excited about. Cant wait.

3) Started going to the Macleod Corps as my mother was posted there. And I am now a youth leader there and do everything I can to make them happy.

4)God has given me confidence to sing now. Which i love, and i love worshipping Jesus and leading people to worship.

5)I'm still with my amazing boyfriend he is so good looking, but u don't have to hear that from me all you have to do is look at him. lol

6)got my Pet Dog, scruffs. He is pretty cute. sometimes lol

7) got my ducks Soup and Rubber, but sadly, Rubber RIP

But yeah that's all that is news with me... How are you guys???

Friday, January 19, 2007

More bout God

ok i know i just wrote one but i didnt want it to be long....

so the other thing was more bout God....

OK over the hols something happened within my family and just like my dad i really didnt wanna deal with it so i kept pushing down the feelings to hide them..

but i didnt wanna talk to anyone bout it at all, i mean i talked to james bout it but others i really didnt wanna know till one day at work i couldnt stop crying and someone came into my mind. i really felt God was telling me to send her a msg so i could catch up with her and let it all off my chest. but as i was writing the msg i couldnt stop thinking OMG what on earth am i doing i felt as though i was seeking attention... but in that minute that i deleted the msg before i sent it that same person came into my shop where i was that point i know it was God telling me to talk to someone.

and looking back i know that God was protecting me from going through the same pain that i went through when my father left me.

GO GOD!!!!!


wow its been so long since i last did a blog but i am so bored at james house there is nothing to do cos he is just watching the cricket but oh well he loves it.....

but as he was making me watch it...........well trying to i was thinking....

how i cannot wait till i can start doing stuff at my new church...

like how bored can i be that i wanna do more work lol no way i love it. i cant wait till i can start being a leader at Macleod (if they let me lol) but i loved being one at greensborough and most still talk to me lol

but yeah just case u didnt get it we have moved to macleod and at first i really didnt like that idea.. i couldnt stop thinking OMG what is GOD thinking? I mean doesnt he remember what happened at greensborough?

But now God has showed me exactly why we are there. and i am starting to see how much my mum can do this. she can be the officer that macleod needs and God is so in control.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where am I going?

I know a lot of u know that its only 3 Sundays away when we find out where mum is going. I'm so excited and cant wait till I'm on stage and the TC mentions where we are going!!!


Here I am traveling along my path and I have come to two different thought into my head....
1. What if mum gets sent away too far for me to get to uni? And...
2. OMG this is so exciting!!!! New adventure new everything, oh but not new Boy friend (James xoxox) cos I love him to pieces.

But yeah what if mum gets sent so far that I have to move out!!! A part of me is excited if I do cos then its like wow I'm old LOL

but then a very big part of me is so excited to move to somewhere new. As most may know that when we moved up to Melbourne every year onwards we moved into a new house so its been really weird to have stayed in the college for 2 years.

anyway I thank God so much that he has my life in his hand cos I know that what ever happens that he is always going to be looking after me and he would never throw something my way that he knew I couldn't handle. Love u lots God!!! toodles

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why do women feel this way?

Why is it that 4 out of 5 women worry bout their weight, height, looks, skin colour, hair, skin etc

I was sitting in uni today and as we were doing revision for anatomy, I heard one of the girls mention how fat they are when she really looked great.

Why is it in our nature that no matter what people say we are always against them?

like why do we always worry bout what others think so much? I don't know bout u but I hate it, I'm so sick of not going out to the shops unless I make sure I at least look ok.

and even so why is that when we take bout 3-4 hours of getting ready for an amazing night that on that night we can get so many compliments but as soon as ONE person says something against us we are haunted bout it for the rest of the night and we can have fun cause we are worried?


I am so sick to death of being upset everytime someone mentions something against me!!!

so I gonna try to put all the energy that I do into worrying etc but replace it with worrying bout what God is thinking of me.

I know he loves me and stuff but I'm talking bout how I treat others, gossip, bitching etc.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Salvation Army

Guess what well most of you know that I'm becoming a soldier in the Salvation army....

For the people who don't know its on the 19th of November at the training college: 303 Royal parade Parkville at 6pm

I'm so excited that God has given me this opportunity to serve him within the salvos. xoxoxox

Just in case some of u are wondering why I have decided to take this step is the I believe God told me it was time. And I love the salvos and how we get out there and help people in need and I would love to make that commitment to the salvos.

anyway I really want my friends to be there so please try to make it love u lots xoxoxox

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cool bible reading

I have started to read Exodus and this one reading hit me and I thought it was really cool.

Exodus 23:20-33

This is when God is telling us that he is going to bring His angel to prepare the way....These are just something that stuck out to me...

verse 24 Do not bow down before their gods or worship them or follow their practices. You must demolish them and break their sacred stones to pieces...How cool is that. God is giving us permission to break their religion. He's not telling u to go into a buddist temple and with a huge hammer break Buddha but we are to help show God to these people who follow other gods.


verse 27 I will make all your enemies turn their backs and run.... I don't know bout u but that makes me feel so much safer. Like if we trust and obey God he is going to make sure nothing can harm us and the people who stand up to us he will make them run, all we have to do is have faith and stop being so scared of what MIGHT happen.

there's more but I just thought those two were really cool. Try reading it there's so much in that little bit. Love ya

Writers Block

I know this may seem weird but I haven't been able to write a blog for ages, like I cant think of anything to say so I thought I would just write about something that happened to me which I thought was pretty cool.......

I decided to do a little change in my time with God. This one day I asked him if he could let me help at least one person in that day.

And it was so cool, I had extra money and I got some lunch for one of my friends and as I was waiting in line the person in front of me didn't have enough money so I gave her money to help pay for it.

As I was doing it I didn't even think but God answered my prayer and it was the best feeling in the world to be helping someone out and I figured that might be related to my spiritual gift.

I know this is random but I felt so good,

How good do u feel when u help people out...Try praying for God to use u for others benefit that's what the salvos about.